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In a global market a well implemented ergonomic program can award a competitive edge to propel a company forward.  The work environment continues to change and evolve due to technological changes.  Ensuring a healthy and safe work environment can decrease days missed from work and workmen comp claims due to repetitive strain and musculoskeletal disorders that are becoming more prevalent in today's society. We can address OSHA, ADA and workmen comp issues.

Ergonomic Computer Solutions has been doing just that for the past 25+ years. A thorough and complete ergonomic evaluation allows you or your employees the opportunity to be trained in the ergonomic fundamentals. When aids are required ECS is there to help you think through which engineering solutions will best fit your needs. We will delineate the ergonomic benefits, coast effectiveness, user friendliness, quality and reliability of several options. When installation is needed, we will have experienced and knowledgeable installers. We will provide any instructions and training needed.

Following any consultation, Ergonomic Computer Solutions will grant a 30 day follow up free of charge to answer any lingering questions. No matter how big or small your company is, ECS can work on an as needed basis or under contract.

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